Student Challenge #2 – Two Ways to Travel

This week seems to have gone by fast!

World Travel

This Voki is about where I would like to travel.  Can you guess where?

Internet Travel

Miss W linked to a website offering this prompt. (My response is inserted in italics)

The best thing I can do for the world is be everyone’s best friend.

Another site she gave us offered 8 blogging commandments to follow.  After reading them, I’ve decided to create my blogging commandments.

1. Safety

Safety is probably the most important thing on a blog.  You should always be careful what you mention- no last names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

2. Proofread

Always reread posts and comments to make sure that you are posting your best work.  Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are all important!

3. Have fun!

Blogging is all about your voice and being creative.  The more fun you have with your blog, the more interesting your blog will become.

September 2010 Student Challenge #2

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