The Royal Cat

“Come here Moussy!”  The spoiled Princess Sienna came around the corner searching for her royal cat.  Princess Sienna didn’t realize that Moussy did not like being pampered and carried around the castle.  Moussy was an adventurous cat who enjoyed chasing mice.

“My dear, why don’t you come have some tea?” asked Queen Macy from the parlor.  “You can look for Moussy later!”

“But Moussy never misses teatime!” whined Princess Sienna.

“Perhaps she’s taking a nap or something,” the Queen said vaguely.

“Okay fine, I’ll take my tea.” the Princess replied.

“Great, I’ll go alert Sandy in kitchen,” said Queen Macy.

The Queen left the parlor and went for the kitchen smiling to herself.  “Sandy,” she asked once she arrived.  “Did you let out Moussy like I asked?”

“Yes ma’am,” Sandy replied. “About thirty minutes ago.”

“Great my dear!” exclaimed Queen Macy.  “Can you prepare tea for Sienna and I?”

“Right away ma’am,” Sandy replied.

Meanwhile, in the field behind the palace, Moussy slowly approached a mouse who was facing the away from her

and towards the woods.  But then she stepped on a stick and it made a loud crack.  The mouse turned to face Moussy,

and there they both stood . . .

Image: “take a chance on me ??
take a chance on me ??
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September 2010 Student Challenge #5

10 thoughts on “The Royal Cat

  1. hi Abby I really likie your blog. I think that it is so cool and I really like your blog page. I really like klyour story though it is very neat. I also like how it is about cats because i like cats alot . will you comment back to me ??

    • Hi Donovan!

      Thank you very much! Do you have a cat? Both of my parents and my brother are allergic to cats, but I would love to have a cat or two. We have a very cute and energetic family dog right now.

      Have a fantastic day!

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  3. Hi Abbey I really like your story and your blog, this is the second comment I have left on your blog! Your blog is full of pictures and colours which attracts alot of attention. Your blogroll is full of names you even have my best friend Olivia on yours. (HER BLOG IS AWESOME) Please visit my blog and comment at

  4. Peep squeak! Whatever the conversation may seem the upper hand goes to the cat of course. But if the mouse gives a great argument then he could save himself from the hunger pangs.

    Cortney Dail

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