Zoom- The Feet

Whose feet are these?  Where is this person?  What is this person doing?


  • Start with the picture shown above.
  • The first commenter writes about what would be seen “zoomed out” from the picture.
  • The next commenter includes what would be seen next.
  • Commenting continues until we can’t go any further!
  • Please read through all of the previous comments before you comment.
  • Have fun!
March 2011 Student Challenge #5
Original image: ‘Turn
by: Thomas Hawk
Released under an Attribution-NonCommercial License

2 thoughts on “Zoom- The Feet

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  2. This is a great idea for collective writing, abbeymathgirl9! I am surprised you do not yet have any comments. Here goes…

    As the camera zooms out, we see that above this pair of stunning shoes, the wearer has on chain mail that appears to be ancient. It is hard to tell whether it is the chain mail or the height of the heel that is making walking so difficult and slow. Nevertheless, this person continues to try to move quickly.

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