What Makes Me Glow With Pride?

I have been tagged for this Student Challenge Meme by Vanessa at Mr. Miller’s Classroom Blog.

I glow with pride after I finally learn a piano piece that I’ve been working on.  After I’ve spent weeks learning the different parts of the music, the moment when I can play the whole piece start to finish is exciting.  It makes me feel good that I have accomplished that.

What makes YOU glow with pride?  People I’ve tagged:

Arwen, Jane, Orion, Jack, and Noah

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20 thoughts on “What Makes Me Glow With Pride?

  1. Hey Abby,
    This is a great post! Thanks for linking me. What was the piano piece that you have been working on? I love piano but I have a really bad working keyboard and I hate using it! I have been learning a piece from movie I liked.

  2. You go girl! I love that feeling, too! Just keep playing that music and you’ll still have that feeling when you sit down and play that same piece in 30 or 40 or 50 years! Music is wonderful!

    Ms. Tatiana

  3. Hello Abbey,
    The year is coming to an end and I am going around to everyone the was folling my blog and saying thank you because without the comments there would be no reason to write! Thanks for comenting and following my blog. I am deleting my blog at the end of this school year but I am probably going to make a new one.

    Thanks Again

  4. G’day Abbey
    I am getting out of school soon so my teacher has told us to find the 2 people that has commented the most and your one of them so thank you for commenting on my blog and I hope you do good on your piano.

    thank you and good bye for now 🙂

  5. Hi abbey!
    I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful comments you left on my blog throughout this year. Unfortunately, the year has come to an end. Hopefully next year we can continue blogging to each other! Are you keeping your blog? I am.
    Thanks again, for the awesome comments 🙂

  6. Hi abbey,
    I wanted to just say thank you for commenting on my blog for the student blogging challenge. Our school year is almost over, and bye for the summer.

    • I am a gymnast and it takes me a long time to get new skills. When I do get the skill or trick I have been working for, it makes me glow with pride.

  7. Hello,
    I’m a student in Guangzhou, China and I go to AISG(American International School of Guangzhou). You have an awesome blog here and I think you portray your perspective about “stuff” effectively. This kind of makes me sounds like a nerd so let’s go with awesome blog. Something I feel proud of was when we won the soccer chamionship for our school on October. It was a team effort and I got to brag about it a lot:D
    (Forgot to mention, I’m in the eighth grade too)

  8. Hey,
    I am a student in Darwin.
    How is it there in the United States?
    I really want to know…

  9. Hi!

    I used to play the piano when I was 3 years old. I quit, did dance when I was five, but I quit, because I did volleyball in seventh grade. I tried out in quite a few different things. It makes me proud to know when I finally do something in volleyball right (such as my overhand serve) after practicing hundreds of times.

    Visit my blog at http://ewestlove.edublogs.org/.

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